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"I was first referred to Dr. Splendore several years ago when I almost fell while walking down my steps. I didn't fall, but the next day at work I could barely move my neck due to "almost falling". It was a form of whiplash. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Splendore and I went to her immediately. When I walked in, I could not move my neck. When I left, I had a better range of motion. She told me to go home and ice it and rest. I came back two days later and she gave me another adjustment and I walked out with almost a complete range of motion. I only had to come one more time for my neck, but I continue to come in for adjustments for my neck and spine as it just makes me feel better all over. Thanks, Dr. Splendore!"

Susan B.

"Dr. Splendore has made a huge change in my life. She has made it so I have days without pain which was unheard of for me for years. She has helped my children as well. She is amazing and I would recommend everyone have a Dr. Donna Splendore in their lives."

Shana W.

Hi! My name is Bill E.

I would like to tell you a little about my life under Chiropractic Care. I was in my mid-thirties when I met a Chiropractor at my gas station. At the time I told him about how my left foot and leg were lame. He explained how chiropractic could help me so I gave it a try. I went to see him on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and on Saturday I noticed how much better my leg felt. I was then coninced that something good was happening. He also told me how it helps your whole body and it was a good idea to continue care throughout your whole life.

Well, I never had health insurance being self-employed and have never been ill and worked the garage for 35 years without a week off and I had no time to be sick.

Today, I am retired at 87 and have no aches or pains. I play tennis three times a week, ballroom dance for half an hour before tennis and come home to mintain 10 rental units, including all of the yardwork, shoveling and snow blowing and cut firewood and I swear nobody could follow me. This is thanks to my Best Friend, Dr. Donna Splendore who has been taking care of me and my wife for 14 years. We are never sick, thanks to her!

Sincerely, Bill E.

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