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Dr. Donna Splendore has been caring for patients and their families in Concord and the surrounding area for over 20 years. She utilizes gentle techniques that are appropriate for all ages and levels of health. We are located at 'Suite G' in the Courtyard Square on Loudon Road across from the Goodwill Store.

Within our expansive space there is access to independent massage therapists offering traditional relaxation massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage and even Reiki treatments. We are also happy to have added Yoga and stretching classes offered in 6 week sessions. There are therapists available for walk-in care before or after your adjustment as well.

Dr. Splendore realizes that life can be difficult to schedule so she offers an almost 100% walk-in practice so that your health can be at the top of your to-do list.

Please Check the OFFICE CALENDAR page for our schedule.

YES WE ARE OPEN>>>>Please use common sense of course, if you have been exposed or are elderly please stay home unless its an emergency, then call me and we can work out a solution. Otherwise, please come in and get your immune system charged up!!

Regular Hours: 

Monday and Wednesday 10-1; 3-6 and Thursday 10-1; 3-5

Splendore Family Chiropractic

 is celebrating 

22 Years in practice this year!! 


Blood testing for Food Sensitivities, Leaky Gut, Micro-nutrient Testing  and more with Vibrant America.

 Carloyn Salvi is hosting. Call 414-331-7988 for details.

**** POSTPONED *** stay tuned!!

The 2019 Concord Monitor CAPPIES Voting Has Been Tallied!! 

WE ARE #3 this year!!

 Thank you, sincerely, to each of you who voted. 

You make my job, no work at all! 

I love you, too!!

2019 Concord Monitor Insider Voting Has Begun!!

Established patients can 'drop-in' for their spinal exam and adjustment during regular office hours.
* Please call ahead or check website during inclement weather or like us on Facebook and get announcements directly!


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